Batam Indonesia

March 5,2017 we went to Batam Indonesia together with my friend. It wasn’t a planned trip but since we just want to unwind, we avail a voucher at for only $SGD49. This voucher already include accommodation in, Roundtrip ferry transfer, Breakfast & lunch, very cheap isn’t it? We only bring a pocket money of $SGD50. 

We choose for our roundtrip ferry transfer from Harbourfront-Sekupang-Harbourfront. Ferry seats capacity range from 140 to 338 passengers.

We only booked for 1 night. The place is very nice. If you’re looking for a place that is quiet, peaceful, clean, not too crowded then the KTM is best for you. Since we only have a very limited time, we arrived in KTM around 7:30pm so we decided to have dinner after checking in. The food is very nicesbut don’t get confused with their money. We ate at their restaurant and we have a bill of 1,084,160. Whaaaa….!hahaha. I never knew counting can be so hard and I am just not used to it. 


View deck

                            Our Dinner (Nasi Goreng, Steamed Prawn, salted egg crab, brocolli and lemonade)

Deluxe Room

View Outside our room
Our bill after Actually it’s cheap and it’s all worth it

How we wish we have more time to explore the place and have Batam but as sayings goes “There’s always next time” so definitely I will try everything when I go back there. We never get a chance to try their massage and also the water activities.

The following day we explore the place. It was an amazing place, such a nice view. Since swimming in the sea is not allowed so we spend our remaining hours swimming in the pool. So relaxing and makes we want to extend more days but sad to say cannot because we have responsibilities back in Singapore. 



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